Bring Your Own Device


​​​​​​​Bring your own device (BYOx) program

Yeppoon State High School is providing improved further opportunities for students to engage in digital learning through the BYOx (Bring Your Own Device).  This direction will support our students developing contemporary “21st century skills” which is a priority for all education nationally and internationally. These skills are a key component of the mandatory Australian Curriculum.

To have our students prepared to learn and work in a rapidly changing world, the BYOx program will support skill development in investigating, creating, communicating and collaborating with peers and other audiences.  The BYOx devices will be used across a range of subjects for this purpose.

We are inviting all students to join the BYOx program. It is recommended that Year 7 and Year 8 students have access to an iPad as their device. The iPad is portable and robust (in a suitable case) and provides opportunities to seamlessly create, communicate and collaborate in the classroom. Daily usage will include digital textbooks, taking photos, note taking, concept mapping, drafting, planning, report writing, making short i-movies, short formative assessments, polling, discussion boards, email, online course content (Learning Place), subject specific apps and online testing. For all other year levels, students will have a wider choice of devices.

Device selection

Before acquiring a device to use at school, the parent/carer and student should be aware of the school’s specification for appropriate devices, including the operating system requirements and software. These specifications relate to the suitability of the device to enabling class activities, meeting student needs and promoting safe and secure access to the department’s network. Refer to the YSHS BYOx Minimum Specifications (refer to page 4 of the BYOX YSHS charter) document.

The school’s BYOx program may support printing, filtered internet access, and file access and storage through the department’s network while at school. However, the school’s BYOx program does not include school technical support for your device or charging of devices at school.

Any questions regarding the BYOx program can be emailed to

How to join the BYOx program

  1. Purchase a device as per the minimum specifications refer to page 4 of the charter, with iPads recommended for Year 7 and 8.

  2. Complete the Student resource scheme participation agreement and return to Student Services. You must agree to participate in the Student Resource Scheme in order to participate in the BYOx program.

  3. Read and sign the YSHS BYOx participation agreement. Take your signed YSHS BYOx participation agreement to Student Services. 

  4. ​Students will be emailed instructions regarding how to on-board their device.


Yeppoon State High and Education Queensland do not endorse any particular supplier or brand of product. We are providing a list of suppliers to assist you with your purchasing process. More online portals will become available on this website shortly. In making your purchase be sure to refer to the minimum specifications as outlined in the charter, consider after sales service and accidental damage protection.  

  • Big W (Yeppoon or Rockhampton)
  • Betta Home Living (Yeppoon or Rockhampton)
  • Click on Central (Yeppoon)
  • Harvey Norman (Rockhampton)
  • JB HI-FI (Rockhampton)
  • Mac Choice (Rockhampton)
  • Officeworks (Rockhampton)
  • Pro Computers (Rockhampton)
  • The Good Guys (Rockhampton)

Online options exist for some of the above. Online options, direct from the supplier (i.e. Apple, Dell, HP, Acer etc.)exist for both iPads and laptops.

BYOx vendor portals:

Last reviewed 10 February 2022
Last updated 10 February 2022