Student services and support programs


​​​Adolescence is a time of great change in a student’s life. At different stages of life they may be more comfortable talking with one person or group over another. The following people and programs are available to assist students in need of support or advice.

Academic guidance and support

Students are assisted in their education by specialist staff such as heads of department and the deputy principals. Every learning area has a Head of Department that manages the curriculum, assessment and reporting for that subject.  HODs are part of the leadership team at the school and can assist students with matters regarding missed assessment, class attendance and concerns about workload

Career guidance

Provides advice and guidance on a diverse range of matters pertaining to student education and welfare. The guidance officer is available to help and advise students and their parents on matters as diverse as subject selection, career paths, emotional and social problems, scholarships and tertiary admissions procedures.

Indigenous support

Indigenous support is a high priority with the education department and support personnel are available to assist across a range of issues.

Dean of school

Each year level has a staff member dedicated to assisting students with any inquiry they have about their schooling. The Dean of Junior, Middle and Senior work with the school leadership body to provide management of the student body.

School-based youth health nurse

The school nurse is available at the school to provide students, with counselling on health-related issues, and also plays a part in a range of educational programs in the school, particularly in health, nutrition and human relationships.

​School chaplain​

A joint program with local churches and Scripture Union Queensland provides a chaplaincy service at the school. This can be accessed by students if they need personal guidance or assistance. The chaplain offers a quiet place to be for those times when you just need someone to listen. 

Wellbeing programs

Rock and Water Program Focus on Girls and Women

The Rock and Water Program Focus on Girls and Women uses the basic skills and concepts of the Rock & Water program, while paying special attention to the developmental challenges and qualities of teenage girls and women. Participants learn to work with the different Rock & Water principles developing self-confidence and communication skills. They learn to find balance between empathy and living together with loved ones without losing their own individuality and personal path in life. This program supports teenage girls and women in their journey to becoming powerful individuals.

Managing the Bull program

The purpose of this program is for students to understand the ways bullies operate, develop skills to manage responses to bullying behaviour, become aware of their own strengths to build self-esteem, promote assertive communication skills, identify and strengthening support networks, raising awareness of distorted thinking patterns and making changes towards positive thinking. 

Love Bites program

This program is coordinated by Relationships Australia and involves specially trained youth workers, counsellors and local police. It is delivered each year to all of our Year 10 students, free of charge, and shares important information around Domestic Violence – recognising it, promoting safe relationships, education on lawfulness and supports available.

eSafety program - Cyber-safety and cyber-bullying education

Secondary School presentations delivered each year to the whole school. The goal is to challenge student’s mindsets and assumptions about the realities of the online world. This is achieved through real and sometimes confronting presentations with life lessons that can’t be denied. In all of this, the program aims to empower students with the knowledge they need to act responsibly in the online environment.

Background information on the presentations:

Undercover internet detective Brett Lee spent thousands of hours as a fictitious teenager on the internet; which creates a powerful and unique credibility with the audience that is essential and unparalleled. The messages are made real through the use of crime cases and videos and culminate in points to remember and actions our students can take to avoid or reduce issues they may face in an online world.


The LIVINWELL Program is an interactive presentation delivered free of charge to all students in Years 10-12. The Program was developed from a combination of lived experiences and evidence-based strategies drawn from reputable institutions such as Black Dog Institute, Headspace and BeyondBlue. The focus of the program is on stigma reduction, mental health awareness and empowerment. The aim of the program is to increase mental health literacy: to equip students with the basic tools and understandings to seek help and help others in need.

Last reviewed 27 February 2023
Last updated 27 February 2023