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Rules and policies

School Code of Behaviour

Yeppoon State High School is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for students and staff, where students have opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire values supportive of their lifelong wellbeing.

This Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students is designed to facilitate high standards of behaviour so that the learning and teaching in our school can be effective and students can participate positively within our school community. 

Uniform Policy

Yeppoon State High School has a dress code regulated under the Education Act (2006) and endorsed by the Parents and Citizens’ Association.  This uniform can be purchased from the uniform shop located at the School Tuckshop.  To comply with regulations concerning sun protection, hygiene, safety and modesty, students are required to adhere to the dress code. 

Personal appearance

We promote presentation, which demonstrates positive self-esteem and pride in oneself and our school.  Therefore, jewellery, makeup and other fashion accessories are to be kept to a minimum.


As part of the government’s Sun Safety Policy, students must have a wide brimmed hat on while playing sport or participating in outdoor activities and excursions.  The reversible house colour wide brim hat is preferable.


Black runners, joggers or leather shoes of a sturdy nature are required to be worn in the school grounds. Footwear such as thongs, sandals, open toed shoes or heels must not be worn, due to the WH&S policy.


Top options

  • Blue school polo shirt with white and black stripe.

  • White short sleeve dress shirt with school emblem.

  • Black school jumper.

Shorts/Skirt/Long Trousers options

  • Black school shorts with YSHS logo.

  • Black school skirt with YSHS logo.

  • Long plain black dress pants (Term2 and 3 - winter)

Student Absences

Students are to be in fulltime attendance at school every day during the school year.  If for some reason they cannot attend, we ask that parents notify the school, either on the day by phoning the Office, sending an email, or by providing a note to the school on the student’s return. Such a note should be dated and include name, class and home address of the student.  It would be appreciated if advance notice were given to the school when students are to be absent and for lengthy absences it may be possible for the school to provide work during that period.

Late arrival

Students are expected to be punctual at all times. Students arriving after the commencement of period 1 must report to the office for a late pass to allow late entry to class, with a note from their parents with an explanation.

Mobile phones and other personal electronic devices

It is preferable that students do not bring mobile phones or other personal technology devices to school. If students do bring a device to school it must be switched off during class or at any time when the student is receiving instruction or being addressed by a staff member.

If a student uses their phone for any purpose during class time it will be confiscated and kept at the Administration office until the end of the day when it may be collected.

The school accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen phones or other personal technology devices.

Students may not use any recording device in the school grounds without the correct permission through the teaching staff.

This includes:

  • Transmitting images

  • Taking photographs with a phone

  • Taking photographs with a camera

  • Using a tape recorder

  • Using a Mobile phone on record setting

  • Using a MP3/4 player on record setting

  • Video recording