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50th Anniversary - 12th October 2019

Yeppoon State High School celebrated 50 years on Saturday 12 October 2019 with school tours, musical performances, rugby league and a walk through the past five decades. For more information please email

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Yeppoon State High School Flashbacks


In 2013, students of Yeppoon State High School were inspired to succeed by embracing the RAMS expectations of responsibility, active participation, manners and safety. The implementation of the Australian Curriculum was a key focus for many faculties, offering new and exciting learning opportunities for both teachers and students. Many life-long friendships and memories were created on the sporting fields, through the performing arts and within other extra-curricular activities.

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The new millennium in the year 2000. In the words of school magazine editor, Rusty Smith, it was a year of "friendship, humour, challenge, achievement, personal growth and fun". And it was the last year with Mr Rob Stones as YSHS Principal.

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In 2004, the year 11 students enjoyed a memorable leadership camp at Kinchant Dam, while the Open Rugby League Team won a nail-biting grand final against St Brendan's College. At the inter-house sports carnivals, there was fierce competition between the Fraser Eagles, Laver Crocodiles, Davidson Tigers and Elliott Sharks. School Captain Nigel Hutton (who is now Deputy Mayor of Livingstone Shire Council) won the Lions Youth of the Year, while the YSHS Concert Band continued to flourish.

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In 2009, YSHS confirmed academic excellence in the Lions Youth of the Year Quest and Opti-Minds Tournament, while demonstrating cultural excellence at the Rock Eisteddfod and in "Fame", the bi-annual school musical. Sporting excellence was achieved through both individual and group achievements in a variety of inter-school sports – all played with pride, passion and a positive attitude!

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In 1990, "The Man of Steel" leapt onto centre stage for good to triumph over evil, while the Open Rugby League Team capped off a magnificent season with a heart-stopping win in the Grand Final.

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In 1994, the goals for the YSHS Student Action Group were to improve the school image, encourage school spirit and act on student issues. Davidson House won both the Cross-Country and Athletics Carnivals, while Fraser House won the Swimming Carnival. Leadership Camp was held at Coolwaters, while Marine Camp was on North Keppel Island – both creating wonderful memories and lifelong friendships. And who could forget the Ski Trip to Thredbo where a great time was had by all?

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In 1980, the "First Year Centre" (now known as G Block) was completed, creating an opportunity for flexible learning. The open rugby league team, who "emerged victorious as undefeated premiers" the year prior, turned to rugby union when the school boy league season didn't eventuate. YSHS won $20 in the Pineapple Festival Street Parade, being awarded the honour of "most humorous float", while the wild west theme continued on the stage with "Calamity Jane" showcasing the school's musical talents.

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The year 1984 was a fantastic era in the school's history with many friendships enduring the test of time. "Annie Get Your Gun" fired up good old fashioned wild west fun with cowboys, wrestlers, tumblers and clowns meandering onto the stage. The ski trip had students excited about the prospect of skiing the slopes of Mt Buffalo, but instead they enjoyed "rolling pastures of lush green grass" and some fun in the machine-made snow. It has also been reported that a group of seniors published their own version of the school magazine, which was full of surprises.

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In 1987, the new library, art block and dam for the ag farm were constructed to enhance learning opportunities for YSHS students. The concert band was honoured to perform for the Governor during his visit to Yeppoon and "Smithy" was the hilarious school musical about the pandemonium of producing a school musical. The YSHS rugby union teams impressed in the local schoolboy competition and who could forget future Paralympian, Gerrard Gosens, running the YSHS cross-country with the support of Bev Laundry?

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The Malnkana made a return in 1976, after a break of several years, with the Principal describing the "full worth" of the magazine as a "record of the year". The students from Year 9 Study of Society carried out a project to explain life on a pineapple farm to students in Brisbane, which included a trip to Mr Vaughan's pineapple farm. Fraser house were victorious at the swimming carnival, while Laver house won the athletics. Hobby groups included canoe building and car mechanics, while HMS Pinafore was the annual school musical.

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